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Being a Crawlspace based company, we are able to focus our attention to the many concerns that occur in crawlspaces.

Whether big or small, we are able to inspect, locate and comprehensively address all of your specific concerns. Our services range from but are not limited to:

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Mold Prevention

The Problem

Growth occurs due to the wood structure of the home being exposed to elevated levels of moisture, creating the perfect recipe for growth.

The Solution

Through proper moisture techniques, we can remove the conditions that allow growth to occur and prevent it for the future.

Humidity Control

The Problem

Humidity buildup occurs in a crawlspace through multiple sources from moisture evaporation through the earth, evaporation from water along with many other sources.

These sources come together to create excessive humidity levels.

The Solution

The source for excessive humidity varies dependent upon many factors. Properly assessing the causes will allow us to locate and address all access points.

Properly controlling humidity will stabilize the crawlspace and prevent many of our common problems such as mold, structural harm and cupped flooring.

Drainage Systems

The Problem

The Cause;
Water can come from sources as simple as gutter downspouts, improper grading and access points such as crawlspace entry doors or as extensive as water table, water springs or buildup seeping from the yard through the foundation.

The Solution

Every crawlspace receives some water weather minor or major. The sources vary dependent upon the property, home design and existing water management systems. Properly assessing all potential access points will allow us to create a proper solution specific to your individual needs.


The Problem

Crawlspace insulation techniques have varied throughout the years with the most common being fiberglass insulation in the floor system of the home.

These methods attempt to either prevent the transfer of seasonal temperatures through the foundation into the crawlspace or prevent temperature transfer from the crawlspace to the home.

The Solution

Utilizing our techniques through sealing the crawlspace and properly utilizing modern insulations will allow us to prevent the seasonal temperature intrusion at its sources allowing to us keep the crawlspace temperatures more consistent which directly increases home efficiency.

Vapor Barriers

The Problem

For many decades crawlspace vapor barriers have been limited to cheaper, thinned barriers loosely laid across the ground and called a “vapor barrier”.

Unfortunately these barriers are not properly sealed which will allow a portion of the moisture from the earth to bypass the barrier along with moisture that comes from the foundation walls which are left exposed.

The Solution

Utilizing thicker modern barriers that more extensively cover all moisture sources as well as being properly sealed and taped will allow us to properly prevent the intrusion of moisture.

Coupled with our sealing and dehumidifying techniques we can create a moisture controlling system that allows us to prevent all excessive moisture and the related concerns.

Floor Support

The Problem

Floor supports can often times be created utilizing whatever leftover building materials available such as bricks, broken block and random wood.

These materials are not intended to support the weight of the home properly and are only temporary until they eventually fail.

The Solution

Based on local codes we utilize proper materials and footings to create permanent support to ensure the stabilization of the floors system.

Debris Removal

The Problem

Crawlspace are commonly utilized for storage or a location for leftover materials from projects such as plumbing repairs.

Over time, unwanted items and project debris can buildup in the space creating debris that can make inspections difficult and potential termite and pest attraction.

The Solution

Removal of these materials can help to create a cleaner environment for new storage or accessibility to ensure proper health of the home.

Crawlspace Door

The Problem

Standard crawlspace doors are built of metal, wood or plastic materials that deteriorate or become damaged over time. Failing crawlspace doors can allow critter and pest intrusion as well as water and moisture intrusions.

The Solution

Proper crawlspace doors built of modern materials can help reduce these various intrusions and help further control the crawlspace.


The Problem

Crawlspaces are commonly viewed as a secondary space and accepted as wet and nasty. This common misconception can lead to extensive issues not only in the crawlspace but in the home as well. Did you know approximately 30% of the air in your home comes directly from the crawlspace? This means climate of your home is significantly affected from the environment underneath.

Weather from varying temperatures and humidity from the uncontrolled crawlspace or the bugs and mold your home this space is supplying those elements directly to the home affecting air quality and efficiency.

The Solution

Properly controlling the environment of your crawlspace utilizing our sealing and conditioning methods we can vastly improve the indoor environment and efficiency of your home.

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