Drainage Systems

The Problem

The Cause:
Water can come from sources as simple as gutter downspouts, improper grading and access points such as crawl space entry doors or as extensive as water table, water springs or buildup seeping from the yard through the foundation. Other common causes of a wet crawl space include:

  • Floor is lower than ground water level
  • Vented crawl space causing condensation from humidity
  • Lack of moisture barrier between soil and space
  • Lack of crawl space water removal
  • Leaking plumbing

The Solution

Every crawl space receives some water whether minor or major. The sources vary dependent upon the property, home design and existing water management systems. Properly assessing all potential access points will allow us to create a proper solution specific to your individual needs. A sump pump crawl space drainage system is specially designed for crawl spaces. For added protection, your crawl space sump pump can be equipped with a back-up sump pump pumping system. A second battery sump pump takes over should your primary crawl space sump pump fail or if there is a power outage.
A crawl space sump pump is a pump installed in a crawl space acting as a crawl space drainage system. Crawl space sump pumps are designed to collect water from the foundation soil and from a perimeter French drainage system, acting as a crawl space water removal system that pushes the water outside of the house through a line of PVC pipping. A complete sump pump system involves everything that keeps your crawl space dry, including sump pumps, battery backup sump pumps, a sump pump alarm, and a sump pump liner, lid, stand, and water removal discharge line.