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Crawl space encapsulation, mold removal, sump pump, and crawl space vapor barrier installers Bloomington, IN.

Bloomington, IN

As specialists in crawl space encapsulation and as crawl space vapor barrier installers in Bloomington IN, we have been providing quality crawl space maintenance with our unique process to pinpoint concerns and create a well defined plan for each home. We specialize in crawl space repair, crawl space sump pumps, and crawl space water removal services to the Bloomington IN area.

As an industry leader in crawl space repair and sump pump, Erik Robbins and his team specialize in the unique concerns of the Bloomington area. Through our easy service and extensive warranties for crawlspace encapsulation we ensure each customer is cared for not only at the time of work but continued care after completion.

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Crawlspace Testimonials:


Our offices were so damp and musty that sometimes it was hard to breath. The floors had swollen and were buckling in several places. You could actually feel the moisture on the walls. Our expensive recording equipment was deteriorating by the day. The Crawlspace Doctor fixed it all in a few days and has come by a number of times in the last year and a half just to check and make sure that everything is OK (at no charge–and the problems have never returned). We have been very satisfied. You’ll love Tom, he really is ‘the crawl space doctor.

– Hoosier Rehearsal Studios, Inc. – Bloomington, Indiana


This is a brief note of appreciation for your work on our crawlspace. Your work was excellent; we are very pleased with the results. We do not get any moisture inside the house and the crawl space itself is dry. The pump you installed there has done a wonderful job during the recent heavy rains, which caused problems for many people. It is great to have peace of mind, knowing that the crawl space is protected. We are also happy with your prompt response to any questions and special requests that we had. Keep up the good work. We can recommend your work to anyone without any reservations.

– John and Helen – Bloomington, Indiana


Crawlspace doctor was very quick and responsive to my messages.

They were even able to come by earlier than expected and complete all the work in a day and a half. The team was quick and easy to work with and Eric is very friendly.

They replaced a sump pump, installed a footer and ran the water out of the crawlspace correctly. The work looks great. I’d highly recommend them.

- Aaron E

Erik and his crew are professional, respectful, and communicative!

Our Crawlspace seemed past the point of no return, and after having a couple of estimates and descriptions from other companies (which flat out scared us) Erik came to check it out and answered all of our questions and concerns clearly and calmly. He was incredibly responsive, honest, and ended up starting a week ahead of what he thought they would be able to do. We had our crawlspace cleaned out, mold remediation, structural damage replaced (band boards, sill plates, beams), drainage put in, encapsulation, all done quickly and efficiently! He also has developed great business connections around town and set up additional services so that our patio and sidewalk are being replaced! Amazed with the process, the end product and highly recommend this company.

- Jenn S

My experience with Crawlspace Doctor was entirely positive.

The estimate was competitive, the work was completed as stated on the estimate. I had many additional questions and a few added requests to be added to the original estimate. Erik was thorough, clearly explained additional cost for the work I wanted to add.
The work in the crawl space and exterior gutter drainage area looks perfect.
The team was great to work with. They were respectful, cleaned up after the job and communicated clearly with me throughout.
One thing that stood out to me was that I could hear their conversation throughout their work day from my office. It was clear that they were a team dedicated to professional service and integrity.

- Kim C

Communication is key

Erik and crew were very knowledgeable of the process needed to encapsulate my crawlspace properly and effectively. They did a great job! Communication is key- I appreciate Erik taking the time to address all my questions/concerns from start to finish.

- Wendy C


Erik Robbins, The Crawlspace Doctor, and his crew, completely refurbished and conditioned my crawlspace in January 2021. They were professional, on time, very polite, and they did a great job turning my crawlspace from something pretty horrid to something pretty decent. I could go into details about exactly what they did, but they did a lot – too much to list here. Suffice it to say they were worth every penny, and a lot of pennies went into this project!

- Meredith W

The team was very efficient working...

on my Crawlspace in April 2021. I had standing water in my crawlspace and almost no insulation. They patiently answered all my questions and got to work. They encapsulated the entire crawl space, added new insulation, and installed a new entry door. The guys did a really great job under my house in cramped quarters and a good clean-up, too. They hosed down the outside walls that got muddied.

- Mike S

Our Services

Our Services

Mold Prevention & Removal Bloomington, IN

Mold Prevention & Removal - Bloomington, IN

Through proper moisture control techniques, drainage systems, and a sump pump, we can remove the conditions that allow growth to occur and prevent it from happening in the future.  A proper crawl space encapsulation by licensed crawl space companies will be your best mold prevention.

Humidity Control Bloomington, IN

Humidity Control - Bloomington, IN

Properly controlling humidity and crawl space moisture will stabilize the crawlspace and prevent many of our common problems such as crawl space mold, structural harm and cupped flooring.

Crawl Space Drainage Systems Bloomington, IN

Crawl Space Drainage Systems - Bloomington, IN

Properly assessing all potential access points and installing a sump pump for water removal, will allow us to create a proper solution specific to your individual needs. Proper drainage systems are vital for crawl space moisture control and total crawl space encapsulation. 

Crawl Space Insulation Bloomington, IN

Crawl Space Insulation - Bloomington, IN

Utilizing our techniques through sealing the crawlspace and properly utilizing modern crawl space insulation and door replacement will allow us to prevent the seasonal temperature intrusion at its sources allowing to us keep the crawlspace temperatures more consistent which directly increases home efficiency.

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Installation Bloomington, IN

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Installation - Bloomington, IN

Utilizing thicker modern barriers that more extensively cover all moisture sources as well as being properly sealed and taped will allow us to properly prevent the intrusion of moisture. For quality remediation, let our vapor barrier installers do the job!

Floor Supports Bloomington, IN

Floor Supports - Bloomington, IN

Utilizing our techniques through sealing the crawlspace and properly utilizing modern insulations will allow us to prevent the seasonal temperature intrusion at its sources allowing to us keep the crawlspace temperatures more consistent which directly increases home efficiency.

Debris Removal Bloomington, IN

Debris Removal - Bloomington, IN

Removal of debris, miscellaneous materials, and crawl space repair can help create a cleaner environment for new storage and accessibility and ensure proper health of the home and be the beginning for crawl space maintenance.

Crawl Space Door Replacement Bloomington, IN

Crawl Space Door Replacement - Bloomington, IN

A properly installed crawlspace door built with modern materials can help reduce these various intrusions and help further control crawlspace remediation.  Furthermore, a crawl space door replacement is a necessity to keep out unwanted pests.

Conditioning Bloomington, IN

Conditioning - Bloomington, IN

Properly controlling the environment of your crawlspace and utilizing our sealing and conditioning methods, we can vastly improve the indoor environment and efficiency of your home.

Crawl Space Sump Pump Installation Bloomington, IN

Crawl Space Sump Pump Installation - Bloomington, IN

Fight against high rainfall by waterproofing your crawlspace with a properly installed sump pump. Your wet crawl space could be causing other issues in your home that you might not have noticed, like mold or structural damage. One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to put an end to flooding or wetness below the home is by installing a sump pump.

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