There are many things you don’t think about when the winter season hits your area, and your sump pump may be one of those. It’s the device responsible for moving water from your basement to the outside of your home and crucial for keeping you and your family safe in case of a flood or other issues.

A sump pump in need of repair can create several problems that may go unnoticed for a while. In time, however, these issues will escalate and leave you with major plumbing problems. The good news is that there are warning signs of a sump pump in need of repair.

You can avoid a flooded basement by observing these 10 signs and taking appropriate action to fix the problem early on:

  1. Strange noises
  2. Constantly Vibrates
  3. Visibly Rusted
  4. Doesn’t Stop Running
  5. Hardly Used
  6. Old Age (7+ years)
  7. Motor Failure
  8. There’s No Water In The Pit
  9. Clogged Pump
  10.  Frequent Power Outages

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Your Pump Makes Strange Noises

If your sump pump is making unusual noises, such as a clicking sound or grinding noise, then it’s time to get it checked out. A loud or unusual sound is a sign that something is wrong with the motor, fan or impeller.

Your Pump Vibrates Excessively

If your sump pump is vibrating excessively, then it could be a sign that there is something wrong with the impeller. The impeller in the water pump works to draw water into the pump and out of your basement or crawl space. If an impeller was bent during installation or if debris has gotten stuck to it, then the sump pump will use more energy to do its job, which can cause it to vibrate more and work less efficiently.

Your Pump Is Visibly Rusted

Rust on your sump pump can be caused by multiple things, but one of the most common ones is an ineffective battery. If rust is showing up on your sump pump, it could mean it’s time for maintenance. Luckily, a professional will be able to repair any rust and save you from costly repairs in the future.

Your Pump Doesn’t Stop Running

If your sump pump won’t stop running, it means that you have several issues on hand. The first thing to look into is whether there’s an issue with the switch. This can be triggered by a problematic power source or when the pump shifts within the basin and causes the float to be unresponsive.

You Hardly Use Your Sump Pump

If you’re unsure whether your sump pump is still working properly, simply touch the plug. If it’s warm, then chances are it isn’t being used. Also, if your sump pump makes a grinding or loud noise when in use, then this is another sign that it needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

Your Pump Is Old

The purpose of your sump pump is to prevent flooding in the basement of your home. The sump pump checks the level of water in a lower section of your property, which is usually covered by concrete or a foundation. If this area fills with water, it can cause serious damage to your home and belongings. So when pumps get old (typically between seven and ten years), they begin to fail and start causing more problems than they solve.

Your Pump Is Having Motor Problems

If your sump pump stops working and you can’t find any problems, it might be the pump motor. When a motor in a sump pump fails, it’s typically due to electrical issues, damage from water, or clogs that prevent the pump from draining water.

No Water In The Sump Pump

For a sump pump to work, the pit must be filled with water. If your sump pump appears to be working normally but you see no water in the pit or it drains slowly, then it may mean the system is not properly installed or the water supply has been cut off.

Your Pump Is Clogged

A sump pit is a water reservoir that collects water from the lower levels of your house. A lid covering the opening of the pit prevents dirt, leaves and silt from falling down into it. If these things accumulate in your sump pit, they will clog your pump. Make sure that you check your pit for clogs every now and then and clean it if needed.

You’ve Been Experiencing Frequent Power Outages

Power surges and outages can affect your sump pump, so if you’ve been experiencing these issues in your home, it might be worth checking on your sump pump. If it suddenly stops working during a power surge, there’s a good chance you need to plan for a replacement.

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