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Are you looking for an opportunity to excel in a rapidly growing industry?



Let Crawlspace Doctor Inc. show you how to succeed in an industry that is improving the health and energy efficiency of homes by addressing concerns that most (if not all) crawl spaces experience.

Have you thought about starting your own business but didn't think it was possible?


Crawlspace Doctor Inc. has developed systems that can be duplicated to  achieve  consistent, desired results. Crawlspace Doctor Inc. attributes its success to the ability to market its services to homeowners by extensively networking with local service providers.

Do you want to have more control of your future?




A Crawlspace Doctor Inc. franchise has an extremely low start up cost, which means a Crawlspace Doctor franchise has the ability to become profitable in a very short period of time.



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Start From The Ground Up.

Creating a healthy, energy efficient home begins with a sealed and conditioned crawl space. Yet, the question remains: With all the companies offering crawl space services, how can you be sure that you have made the right decision?

Get A Free Evaluation.

Whether we are the first ones out, or you are interested in getting a second opinion, Crawlspace Doctor offers no cost, no hassle crawl space evaluations.


Our experienced evaluators will thoroughly inspect your crawl space in order to pinpoint what specific conditions or issues exist underneath your home, whether they be standing water, high humidity, dampness, moisture, mold growth, fallen down or inadequate insulation, structural issues or foul crawl space odors.

Create An Individualized Solution.

Too many crawl space companies offer a one-size-fits all fix without addressing your home’s unique needs. Because we understand that each home is as unique as the family who lives there, our evaluators take the time to create an individualized solution to your crawl space issues, from humidity control, dehumidifiers and encapsulation systems (also known as vapor barriers) to drainage systems, sump pumps and properly installed insulation.

Breathe Easy.

Crawlspace Doctor is a family of locally owned businesses that strive to provide a customer experience rarely found in today’s home service industry.


Our evaluators and crews know your region’s climate, as well as your city’s building codes, because they live there! For over a decade, we have been one of the pioneers of sealed and condition crawl spaces, helping to set a national standard for a healthy, energy efficient home.

  • Greg McBride - Savannah, GA

    I had been working in the crawlspace field for about two years when I decided that I would like to start my own company. I decided to look into many options of starting up from scratch or buying a franchise. I found Crawlspace Doctor while researching online in late 2007. It seemed to be exactly what I was looking for: good people, good pricing and a great product. By January 2008 I bought my first franchise for Savannah, GA. I had never run my own company before and I must admit that I was a little nervous but even though there are many crawlspace franchises in many different states I felt as though Tom and the other owners were there for me any time for any reason.


    I have learned a lot from their years of experience and now people call me for advice. What it boils down to is that even though Crawlspace Doctor is a pretty big company it feels like a family. I now have been with Crawlspace Doctor for three years and have recently bought a second franchise and it has been very profitable for me and my family. Overall it was one of the best decisions that I have ever made.


  • Matt Deiters - Indianapolis



    I have owned my franchise of Crawlspace Doctor for 5 years. I was in business for myself before I purchased it. It has been a great experience. The support from the other owners has been great. What we do for our customers is very rewarding. I would recommend joining our team.





    You too could soon be profiting from the dedication to serving others in your community, of being a Crawlspace Doctor!