What is Total Crawlspace Good Health?

Total crawlspace good health is the practice of looking at every aspect of concern that exists in the environment of a crawlspace and how they relate to one another. We look at mold and see what causes the humidity that allows the mold to grow. Humidity also allows metal objects (pipes, furnaces, pressure tanks etc.) to rust and cooling ducts to sweat. Humidity can also cause hardwood floors to warp in the Summer months.Humidity can increase in the crawlspace by water entering through the foundation walls from poorly drained gutters, landscaping draining towards the house or a spring located next to or in the crawlspace.

A proper vapor barrier needs to be in place to keep water from evaporating from the soil. Broken water or drain lines can create serious problems. Furnace condensation lines often drain directly into the crawlspace. One off the biggest contributor to increasing humidity in the crawlspace is the foundation vents. They allow hot, humid air to enter the cool crawlspace and condense to cause excessive humidity. Improperly insulated crawlspaces will allow the insulation to fall causing an unhealthy environment. When the insulation falls, heating bills go up and floors get cold.

Debris in crawlspaces can cause injury to persons entering the crawlspace or be a harborage for insects and rodents. Loose wires can also cause injury to persons entering the crawlspace. Holes and cracks in foundation walls or broken crawlspace doors, can allow access for rodents or insects to enter. Improper clearance between crawlspace soil and wooden structures can allow for easy access for pests like termites. Unsealed or loose heating ducts can cause mold or dust to enter the home and decrease the performance of the furnace. Inadequate piers and supports can cause the floor to sag or be bouncy. Total crawlspace good health is crucial for a healthy environment in your home.

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