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Crawlspace Doctor
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My name is Brad Dehring and I am your Durham, NC Crawlspace Doctor Representative. I was first introduced to the world of crawl spaces in 2006 when I moved to Cary, NC with my fiancé in 2006. Initially, I began working with a water damage and restoration company as a field technician (with an IICRC certification in water damage restoration), and later promoted to manager. Working in the field is where I came face to face with the damaging conditions of crawl spaces: standing (and often black) water, rodent infestation & feces, musty odors, improper (or complete lack of) insulation, and the big crawl space concern – mold.

Several years later, in 2010, I transitioned to become an evaluator for Crawlspace Doctor where I learned more about the relationship between high humidity and moisture levels, mold growth, poor air quality, and structural damage and decay. Transforming a damp, musty, unhealthy crawl space into a clean, conditioned space just solidified what I already started to understand: your house is only as healthy as your crawl space.

I learned more about the Crawlspace Doctor Inc. organization while seeing proven results again and again. I became convinced that a sealed & conditioned crawl space is the only permanent solution for concerns, and the importance of educating homeowners on why and how it can increase the overall health of their home. My decision to own a franchise in 2011 was easy, given our growing family (four girls!), and my belief in the methods that Crawlspace Doctor promotes. I am proud to be part of a company that is built upon honesty, integrity, ethics, and hard work and look forward to assisting you with your crawl space needs!



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Crawlspace Doctor serves the counties of Orange, Durham and the cities of Durham, Chapel Hill, Burlington, Greensboro, Hillsborough, Carrboro and Pittsboro.


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Crawlspace Doctor
6162 Loch Laural Lane
Raleigh, NC 27613

Phone: 919-454-4508

Serving the counties of Orange, Durham and the cities of Durham, Chapel Hill, Burlington, Greensboro, Hillsborough, Pittsboro and Carrboro

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Brad Dehring


Brad Dehring

North Carolina West Customer Testimonials

Doctor Brad and sidekick Justin sealed our 1600 sq. ft. crawl space, and I do mean crawl. Our space was nasty, damp, dark, smelly, confined, buggy, moldy, mousy, and snaky. As I crawled around the space midway through and after the job I was surprised and delighted at the high quality of the work and these guys attention to detail. It looked like they gave my space the same effort they would give their own home. Today my 7 yr old daughter and her friend were playing "spy dogs" with their flashlights in the crawl space. Amazing.
Richard P.
Hillsborough, NC

We noticed that our downstairs bedrooms had a musty odor that seemed to be coming from the crawl space so I called Brad from Crawlspace doctor. He explained everything that his company would do in an easy-to-understand way. Brad went into our crawlspace and disovered that we had a guest living there (probably a raccoon or possum based on the droppings) and we also had some sink holes & water issues. He & his assistant showed up when promised and now our crawl space is energy efficient, mold-free and critter-free! They also even removed the critter droppings! They were also super fantastic with my curious 3-year old niece who was visiting, as well as both our dogs. I would HIGHLY recommend them!!

Christine D.

Durham, NC

We were told our crawlspace was in need of serious repair.  We got a couple of different quotes and options from different Companies including the Crawlspace Doctor.  After research we decided to go with Crawlspace Doctor and the Closed Air Supply Crawl Space.  His prices were the most reasonable and he was also very friendly, professional,  helpful and knowledgeable from the start.  He answered all of our questions and was willing to answer more.  He did excellent work in a timely and professional manner.  We would use Brad with Crawlspace Doctor again in the future if necessary.
Sara P.
Eno Valley, NC

Brad was great throughout the entire job, always keeping me informed and letting me know how much more work they had to complete. The crawl space is in almost livable condition. The house had a musty smell to it, but that is now gone. We were most likely breathing in some of the mold that had been growing under the house. The humidity levels are down to 55%, and should stay at that level in both winter and summer. I will call Brad again in a heartbeat if I move to another home and have a similar problem. He is the kind of guy that I think people are looking for. He is punctual, honest, straightforward, and true to his word.
David V.
Chapel Hill, NC