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The Crawlspace Doctor of Terra Haute provides services that support total crawlspace health for your home, including Conditioning, Controlling Mold Growth, Crawlspace Doors, Debris Removal, Drainage Systems, Floor Supports, Humidity Control, Insulation, Vapor Barriers and Waterproofing. Crawlspace Doctor began servicing the Morgan County area in 2002, due to its success in the Monroe county area Dave Tarrence will be serving the Morgan County area full time. Crawlspace Doctor was established in a neighboring county by Tom Saucier, and has been very successful for its customers. Dave used to work in an industry that was very Pro-ventilation of the crawlspace area.

After doing inspections year after year for some of the same homes and noticing that the moisture problems did not seem to be resolved with more ventilation Dave realized what we were doing was not right. Dave also noticed how neglected this vital area of the home can be. This can cause some very severe problems for the structure of the home not to mention the health of its occupants.

There are still many misconceptions about the proper care for this vital area. After speaking with Tom Saucier (founder of Crawlspace Doctor) and doing much personal research on the subject of crawlspace conditioning, it just made sense to exclude the conditions that would create such a poor environment in the crawlspace. Dave joined The Crawlspace Doctor Team to take advantage of the systems already developed and tested to effectively address the concerns home owners experience in their crawlspaces. The systems were developed for Total Crawlspace Good Health.

My commitment to service excellence is of the highest priority. Dave believes in "customer for life" mentality, one customer at a time.

Crawlspace Doctor of Terra Haute serves West Central Indiana, Morgan County, Clay County, Hendricks County, Parke County, Putnam County, Sullivan County, Vermillion County, Vigo County and the cities of Martinsville, Mooresville, Terre Haute, Rockville, Brazil, Sullivan, Plainfield, Avon and Brownsburg.


Our offices were so damp and musty that sometimes it was hard to breath. The floors had swollen and were buckling in several places. You could actually feel the moisture on the walls. Our expensive recording equipment was deteriorating by the day. The Crawlspace Doctor fixed it all in a few days and has come by a number of times in the last year and a halfjust to check and make sure that everything is OK (at no charge--and the problems have never returned). We have been very satisfied. You'll love Tom, he really is 'the crawl space doctor.

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