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Crawlspace Doctor of Central Indiana will install and service crawl space doors in Central Indiana, Monroe County, Owen County, Greene County, Brown County, Bartholomew County and Decatur County, cities of Bloomington, Bloomfield, Spencer, Ellettsville, Linton, Nashville, Columbus, Edinburg and Greensburg.

It is very important for the health of your home to remove all debris in the crawlspace. Cellulose debris can be a food source for insects and mold. Debris can be harborage for insects and rodents. The debris can also injure people as they enter the crawl space to perform routine maintenance.

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Serving Central Indiana, Monroe County, Owen County, Greene County, Brown County, Bartholomew County and Decatur County, cities of Bloomington, Bloomfield, Spencer, Ellettsville, Linton, Nashville, Columbus, Edinburg, Greensburg and North Vernon
Serving Bartholomew, Decatur, and Jennings Counties

Erik Robbins


Erik Robbins

Evaluator/Manager since 2006

Monroe County Customer Testimonials

Wanted to tell you again how pleased I am with the quality of the work Crawlspace Doctor just completed at my home. The work was done on time and exactly as promised and quoted. I could not be happier with the results and the crews that were on site. I have and will continue to highly recommend you and your company to anyone needing crawlspace work done. Thank you again for a job well done.


This is a brief note of appreciation for your work on our crawlspace. Your work was excellent; we are very pleased with the results. We do not get any moisture inside the house and the crawl space itself is dry. The pump you installed there has done a wonderful job during the recent heavy rains, which caused problems for many people. It is great to have peace of mind, knowing that the crawl space is protected. We are also happy with your prompt response to any questions and special requests that we had. Keep up the good work. We can recommend your work to anyone without any reservations

John and Helen
Bloomington, Indiana

Our offices were so damp and musty that sometimes it was hard to breath. The floors had swollen and were buckling in several places. You could actually feel the moisture on the walls. Our expensive recording equipment was deteriorating by the day. The Crawlspace Doctor fixed it all in a few days and has come by a number of times in the last year and a half just to check and make sure that everything is OK (at no charge--and the problems have never returned). We have been very satisfied. You'll love Tom, he really is 'the crawl space doctor.

Hoosier Rehearsal Studios, Inc.
Bloomington, Indiana

Five out of five stars. I had concerns about my crawlspace. My house is nearly 20 years old and I didn't want mold or mildew in the crawlspace, or high humidity in the house. I'd been in the crawlspace several times, eventually laying down some 6 mil sheeting as a barrier. I'd hoped to curtail the moisture that naturally accumulates; unfortunately, water would still seep into the space. In addition to other concerns, I didn't want the space to be attractive to pests. So, I contacted Crawlspace Doctor (found them on the Internet) and scheduled an inspection. Erik showed up to do the inspection, showing us pictures of the crawlspace and letting us know some of the things he'd found. We had a few spots of standing water, a few spots with mold/mildew, and some insulation deficiencies. Fortunately, we had no pest problems. Erik advised us of what Crawlspace Doctor could do to remedy the problems. The inspection was FREE. Erik coordinated the mold/mildew remediation – a superb job done by two great guys. After the remediation, Crawlspace Doctor came out and totally encapsulated our crawlspace – including a sealed door, drainage system, sump pump, moisture barrier, all new insulation, and climate control. The team was very friendly; they completed the job in just a couple of days, even fixing a downspout that was dropping water near the foundation. Erik returned, took pictures of the completed work, and showed us the vastly improved crawlspace. I later went into the crawlspace and was thoroughly impressed. How effective was the change? Humidity levels in the house have remained below 40% – even with an outside humidity level of 93%. This was an incredibly sensible and affordable investment that gives me serious peace of mind. Again, five out of five stars.